OpenGL shell and horn generator. Exports Wavefront OBJ and POV-Ray mesh2. Whelk was first uploaded in 2013 onto my old Tiscali web space; the soure has been available since version 0-0-2x, but Whelk has been closed-source since 2015 because my code was pilfered without consent, credit or notification. Whelk is dedicated to my old lecturer John MacAdam, who told me, in no uncertain terms, that the golden ratio was given to Mankind by the Gods.

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Note: no “bump mapping” or textures are applied – all deformations are created in the actual mesh by supressing the generated waveforms.

Whelk has been specifically designed to perturb mesh geometry using specific waveforms; perturbations can be assigned to individual layers and combined. The addition of Perlin noise in Whelk-0-0-4 creates highly realistic and organic forms.

The option to visualize the geometry as a point cloud is useful for examining the interior structure of generated forms:

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Spiral Controls

Sine Wave Perturbation

Perlin Noise

Slices Profile Editor

Stacks Profile Editor

Using Layers

Wave Supressor

Generator Controls

Growth Curves


POV-Ray mesh2 export


Please consult the Readme before downloading the program. This file also contains important developemnt status information. for Microsoft ® Windows
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